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In the wild these plants grow in exposed rocky positions in direct summer sun. In the winter, they lie under a blanket of snow that protects them from extremes in temperature, and keeps them dry. In Britain, winters are relatively mild and wet so they need a well-drained soil and a mulch of grit to keep moisture away from the leaves.

Bedding Plants

Bedding plants add an instant splash of colour. They are ideal for borders, hanging baskets or pots and containers. Bedding plants are easy to plant and easy to replace.

Bird Baths

A birdbath is one of the easiest ways to bring birds up close. You can attract even more species of birds with water than with a feeder.

Bird Tables

A bird table will be at its most popular and valuable from October to April. The bird table can be left in position all year round, but bringing it in out of the weather during the summer will prolong its life.

Cermaic Pots

We are proud to offer ceramic pottery that is both unique and unusual. Our pottery comes from all over the world. Growing plants in pots offers great scope and versatility; it can bring you the pleasure of a garden even in a restricted space. Terracotta pots are extremely versatile. Our huge variety come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, so there is always something to suit your situation.

Garden Chemicals

Some biological products can help in the battle against insects and disease. Various materials can be used to physically block or repel insects and keep them from damaging the plants. Our experienced staff can assist customers in choosing the best product for them.


Climbing plants use other plants, rocks or manmade structures for support. Climbers can brighten up any wall, fence, post, arbour or even old tree stump. We have a large range of Clematis, Honeysuckles, climbing Roses and more unusual climbers.


Garden trimmings and food residuals constitute nearly 25% of landfill waste. That's a lot that could become useful and environmentally beneficial compost instead! Compost can:
  • Suppress plant diseases and pests.
  • Reduce or eliminate the need for chemical fertilizers.
  • Promote higher yields of agricultural crops.
  • Facilitate reforestation, wetlands restoration, and habitat revitalization efforts by amending contaminated, compacted, and marginal soils.

Decorative Aggregates

We stock a wide range of high quality, natural aggregates, blending rich colours and textures to any garden or hard landscaping project. For paths, driveways, ground cover, ponds and water features, the CHAPLINS range of materials includes an extensive selection of decorative chippings, pebbles and cobbles.


A garden fence can also be a extension of your garden. By planting vines, and leading them upwards you can create a textured green wall that will be home to birds and insects. A wooden fence will give your garden a rustic look that is both timeless and traditional. It is also a better surface for growing plants on. Make sure that your garden fence is an extension of the character and appearance of your home.


Many homeowners recognize the value of fertilizing trees and shrubs in their gardens, yet they become confused when confronted with the variety of fertilizers available to them. Development of compressed spikes, tablets and briquettes has been attractive to these gardeners because it simplifies the process. We also have our experienced staff on hand to assist with any queries.

Garden Lighting

Solar garden lights can be freely distributed in gardens without owners having to worry about cabling, or their children being electrocuted. These are a safer, simpler option and we carry a wide variety of styles.

Garden Ponds

(Plymouth only)
We stock a range of moulded plastic garden ponds they are pleasing additions to any garden, relieving the eye from the monotony of plants


All the gloves we stock are of a high quality and designed for a specific purpose. Rubber gloves are for wet and muddy work. Neoprene gloves offer protection for spraying insecticides. Whilst padded gauntlets are for rose pruning. Always check that the gloves you buy fit your hands.

Grass Seed

Factors to consider when selecting a grass for your lawn is the level of use you are planning, irrigation in your garden and how much shade or sun you experienc. We stock a wide range of seeds and our experienced staff will be pleased to help.

Hanging Baskets

Hanging baskets can give a fantastic display throughout the Summer and Autumn. You can use a wide range of plants ensuring you achieve the colour you want. Our staff can advise you on suitable composts, alternative liners and choosing exactly the right basket for you.


Perennials are plants that live for more than 2 years but don't make wood like a tree or shrub. Most are completely herbaceous, dying back to the ground each year, while others remain evergreen. Our staff can advise you on the correct plant for you

Plastic Pots

We carry a full range of plastic plant pots in a large range of colours and sizes. We also have a smaller selection of biodegradable pots which are ideal for planting out seedlings.

Wild Bird Feed

In our range you'll find everything you need from fat balls, feeders, peanuts and seeds to a wide selection of specifically designed nesting boxes. Wild bird care is very important to CHAPLINS and we are here to ensure you give your winter visitors the ultimate dining experience.